I have this theory…

I have this theory that there are two types of love: agaporni’s love and swallow’s love.

Agapornis are precious little birds that are always next to their partner. They need to be always together. When the couple gets together, they will never get apart again. Their love is so intense that if one of them passes away, the other one will die of sadness. Agapornis need to be always side by side. What makes them the happiest is to be comfortably together in their cozy little love-nest.


Swallows have a different style. They also have a lifelong love to whom they give unconditional loyalty, nevertheless, they like to fly alone. Sometimes they are together, sometimes they are far away. Their love is so immense that they blindly trust each other, no matter the distance. They need moments of solitude so they can miss each other. What makes them the happiest is to be free, and to meet again after a journey.


The two types of love are good.

Problems come when a poor agaporni falls in love with a swallow that flies far away and leaves him lonely, or when an unfortunate swallow is confined for sharing life with an agaporni.

It isn’t impossible to reach an agreement, but you always have to respect the other one and you can’t force them to abandon their principles. Both of them need to be understood, agapornis and swallows, and their wills have to be respected. Both of them have different needs.

They are different and beautiful natures.


Tengo esta teoría de que hay dos tipos de amor: amor de agaporni y amor de golondrina.

Los agapornis son unos pajaritos preciosos que viven emparejados. Necesitan estar juntos siempre. Cuando se arrejuntan con un compañero, nunca vuelven a separarse de él. Su amor es tan intenso que si uno de ellos muere, el otro se muere de pena. Los agapornis necesitan estar siempre junto a su pareja. Lo que más felices les hace es estar juntitos cómodamente en su nidito de amor.

Las golondrinas tienen un estilo distinto. También tienen un amor para toda la vida al que le son fieles incondicionalmente, sin embargo, les gusta volar solas. Hay temporadas en las que se juntan, y otras en las que se alejan. Su amor tan es inmenso que confían ciegamente la una en la otra, no importa la distancia. Necesitan momentos de soledad para poder echarse de menos. Lo que más les hace felices es ser libres, y reencontrarse con la pareja después de una temporada fuera.

Los dos tipos de amor son buenos.

Los problemas vienen cuando un pobre agaporni se enamora de una golondrina que vuela lejos y le deja solo, o cuando una golondrina desdichada se queda encerrada al compartir su vida con un agaporni.

No es imposible ponerse de acuerdo, pero siempre hay que respetar a la otra persona y no obligarle a abandonar sus principios. Hay que comprender a los dos, agapornis y golondrinas, y respetar su voluntad. Los dos tipos tienen necesidades distintas.

Son naturalezas distintas y hermosas.



Nervousness. Nervios.


I take the view that the best moments in life are preceded by immense nervousness.

Situations that provoke you stomach pains, make you puff and make your legs tremble.

It’s really funny to look at people in these situations. They turn pale, they stammer, they stumble, they laugh without control, they say wrong words, they spill their coffee on themselves, they drop their glasses, they bump into fire extinguishers on the wall, they paralyse themselves like frightened goats.

But, many times, after these terrible tension moments, the conflict is resolved, and suddenly, that person can enjoy a new and shining facet of life.

What I am talking about? What makes us being so nervous?

To face a phobia. Take an exam. Propose to someone. Do it for the first time. Confess something that torments you. Reconcile yourself with someone. Coming out. Leaving home. Start a new job. Migrate to another country.

It may scare you a bit, but if you think about what lies ahead… It’s worthwhile.

As Ray Bradbury said:

“Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down.”

I am starting to like being nervous.

Have a fresh and fun summer.


Soy de la opinión de que los mejores momentos de la vida vienen precedidos de unos nervios inmensos.

Situaciones que te desajustan el estómago, te hacen resoplar y temblar las piernas.

Es muy divertido observar a alguien en estas situaciones. La gente palidece, balbucea, se tropieza, se ríe involuntariamente, se confunde de palabras, se tira cafés encima, se le caen las gafas, se choca contra extintores en la pared, se paraliza como las cabras cuando se asustan.

Pero muchas veces, después de estos terribles momentos de tensión, se resuelve el conflicto, y de repente, esa persona puede disfrutar de una nueva y reluciente faceta de su vida.

¿A qué me refiero? ¿Qué nos hace ponernos tan nerviosos?

Enfrentar un miedo. Hacer un examen. Declararse. Hacerlo por primera vez. Confesar algo que te atormenta. Reconciliarse con alguien. Salir del armario. Irse de casa. Empezar un nuevo trabajo. Emigrar a otro país.

Puede que asuste un poco, pero si piensas en lo que viene después… Merece la pena.

Como dijo Ray Bradbury:

“Ve al borde del precipicio y salta. Construye tus alas mientras caes.”

Está empezando a gustarme lo de estar nerviosa.

Que tengáis un verano fresquito y animado.


Good morning…

I was kind of sleepy lately and I didn’t take much time to draw out of work. And that’s a shame. I think it’s time to wake up.


Le trait

September arrived, the autumn came.

All begins in September. It’s the beginning of school year. It’s time to return to work. …and I was born in September.

That’s why, during this month, I stop and think about the things I have done during the year. And about the things I will do.

A year ago, I arrived to Barcelona with all my enthusiasm and I started my studies in animation. I couldn’t draw with a graphics tablet (I used it as I was 4).

All the teachers told me about one thing I had to improve expressly. I heard it in three languages: el trazo, the stroke, le trait.

So I rolled up my sleeves and I started with it.

Early efforts.
More efforts.

So, now that I have started to work in 2D animation, and my boss tells me that the quality of the stroke is really good…I can only be happy.

…and they lived happily ever after

Two friends of us were married last week, and they are so awesome and pretty that we made an animation film poster with them on it. I made the illustration and my friends made the title and the text below.

They are honeymooning now, so from here I wish them joy! 😉



Final print

Bat Sleeping

It’s hot in Barcelona. Fortunately, we have air conditioner at the studio where I am, but it’s so hot outside…That kind of terrible heat that makes it hard to sleep. But at least I don’t have any woodpecker drilling my house…like this poor one:

This is the short that we did at the end of our animation course. It’s the first one that I have participated in, so I really love these two little animals.

Work in progress

Too many things that I have to finish…

It’s a rainy Sunday today, so I can stay at home and do NOTHING.

Only searching for different projections of the world map, sleeping, eating some pasta, and thinking about all the things I have to finish.

This is one of them. This is the turnaround of my beloved character, Andreas. I’m animating him!! But…the animation is not finished…yet.