Le trait

September arrived, the autumn came.

All begins in September. It’s the beginning of school year. It’s time to return to work. …and I was born in September.

That’s why, during this month, I stop and think about the things I have done during the year. And about the things I will do.

A year ago, I arrived to Barcelona with all my enthusiasm and I started my studies in animation. I couldn’t draw with a graphics tablet (I used it as I was 4).

All the teachers told me about one thing I had to improve expressly. I heard it in three languages: el trazo, the stroke, le trait.

So I rolled up my sleeves and I started with it.

Early efforts.
More efforts.

So, now that I have started to work in 2D animation, and my boss tells me that the quality of the stroke is really good…I can only be happy.


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