Auguste Rodin, one of the greatest artists that I admire. He was a French sculptor from XIXth century. He was a prolific artist, and he created the famous sculptures The Kiss, The Thinker and The Cathedral, among others.

He had a unique style, and he had an extraordinary talent to give life to his sculptures, giving them such a great expressiveness you can feel the embodied emotion.

Illustration for Studio 8



But…what about her?



She is Camille Claudel. She was the muse, pupil and lover of Auguste Rodin, as well as a great artist in her own right. She was passionate about her sculptures, and she created impressive pieces of art like The Waltz or The Mature Age. Despite this, she is better known for her relationship with Rodin than for her art.

Maybe this was the reason why she went crazy and ended her life locked in a mental hospital.

I would be angry too.

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